“MORI Project”

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GSGES launched the “MORI Project” in the spring of 2022 to revitalize the small common space around the aging wisteria trellis in the courtyard on the north side of Research Building No. 14 (former Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture). The idea was to build a place of rest and relaxation where humans, living creatures, and plants could coexist by improving its condition with our own hands. Led by the students of the Global Environmental Architecture Laboratory, the students, faculty, and staff collaborated on the project, and the renovation was completed in the spring of 2023.

We would like to continue our efforts to maintain a good environment in the courtyard. We hope that this project will be an opportunity for the courtyard, which has been an important place for many people, to continue to be cherished in the future.

About ” MORI Project”

Situated in Yoshida main campus in Kyoto University, a courtyard near GSGES has one of the most beautiful landscape and biome currently seen in main campus. The site is somewhat hidden from general route of walk in the roads of main campus. However, the biodiversity resting in this little garden is a thing of joy and a view to marvel upon.

GSGES undertook a small project to retrofit the existing seating arrangement of the site and bring out its highest potential. With all our care and love, we call this project “Himitsu no Mori”, the MORI project.

Activity Organization:
 Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
 Institute for Research in Humanities
 Facilities Department

Record of the MORI renovation



Lectures (Japanese version only)

The project featured lectures and activities, such as a lecture on the vegetation in the courtyard by Professor Shozo Shibata, a biological survey and lecture under the guidance of Professor Kanto Nishikawa, and a lecture on the history of this area by Professor Aki Yamamura. These allowed us to view the courtyard from new perspectives and think about future environmental maintenance.

The vegetation in the courtyard (Professor Shozo Shibata)

A biological survey and lecture (Professor Kanto Nishikawa)

The history of the MORI (Professor Aki Yamamura)

The unveiling party

The scenery of the MORI

DESIGN TEAM (Global Environmental Architecture Laboratory) :
Srijon BARUA, Maria I. PEREZ, Augusto Cesar OYAMA, I Made KERTA, Lalita PHATTHANACHAISUKSIRI, NAKAMURA Mizuki, SATO Keika, KOBAYASHI Kyosuke, Assist. Prof. SUGINAKA Mizuki