SANSAI Newsletter

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[The Latest Issue] No. 34 Sansai News Letter

SNL No.34 (PDF 4MB) 29 March 2024


  • 【Sansai interview】 Ryo Nukina, Laboratory of Landscape Ecology and Planning at the Department of Technology and Ecology
  • Professor Shinya Echigo and Visiting Professor Shigeo Fujii (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University) visited nine universities and four institutions in four cities in Vietnam
  • The 43rd Global Environmental Forum —“The present and future of mobility: recent trends in Japan and abroad”
  • ILAS Seminar (Overseas) “Livelihood, Environment and Peace: Studying in Vietnam “ (August 7-19, 2023)
  • The 44th Global Environmental Forum —“Reading and Walking the Historical Geography of Kyoto University”
  • GSGES holds Kyoto University International Symposium 2023 on Education and Research in Global Environmental Studies in Asia: “Rural Culture and Conservation – Implications for Global Environmental Studies in the Anthropocene”
  • Awards Given to GSGES Members

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