Guidance Materials

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*Updated on April 30, 2024

Introduction of GSGES

*Video played on Youtube

Introduction of GSGES Study Area

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Department of Global Ecology

  • Global Environmental Policy(PDF
  • Environmental Economics(VIDEO
  • Global Ecological Economics(VIDEO
  • Sustainable Rural Development(VIDEO
  • Water Environment Conservation(VIDEO
  • Historical Geography and Culture(PDF
  • Environmental Marketing Management(PDF
  • History of Art and Culture(PDF
  • Environmental Education(VIDEO

Department of Technology and Ecology

  • Environmentally-friendly Industries for Sustainable Development(PDF
  • Environmental Infrastructure Engineering(PDF
  • Global Environmental Architecture(VIDEO
  • Biodiversity Conservation(PDF
  • Landscape Ecology and Planning(VIDEO
  • Elemental Materials Chemistry(PDF

Department of Natural Resources

  • Regional Planning(PDF
  • Urban Infrastructure Design(PDF
  • Environmental Photo-ceramic Material Chemistry(PDF)(Japanese)
  • Terrestrial Microbiology and Systematics(PDF
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems Management(PDF
  • Ecosystem inkages and Human Society(PDF