Doctoral Program in Global Environmental Studies

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This program accepts students who have obtained a master’s degree or the equivalent in various fields. The program encompasses the Department of Global Ecology, the Department of Technology and Ecology, and the Department of Natural Resources of the Hall of Global Environmental Research, as well as the Grove of Universal Learning. Students’ specialized study themes are selected from the vast range of themes related to global environmental studies, based on prior study and approaches in the humanities and social sciences as well as natural science, agriculture and engineering. After receiving a doctoral degree, students may work at universities or environment-related government/private-sector research organizations.

Curriculum structure

In order to develop outstanding researchers, course guidance is provided, as needed, on subjects offered under the Master’s Program in Environmental Management, focusing primarily on lectures and seminars.

An academic supervisor and sub-supervisor are assigned to each student upon entry into the university, and the student receives interdisciplinary guidance.

Progress towards the degree

First year:
Academic supervisor selected; research plan drafted, reviewed and presented; preliminary thesis report written; and enrollment in exercises and seminars.

Second year:
Enrollment in exercises and seminars.

Third year:
Second thesis report written; enrollment in exercises and seminars; submission, review, and defense of doctoral thesis.

“Doctor of Global Environmental Studies” awarded.

The standard time to complete the program is three years; however exceptional students may be able to complete the degree in less time.

Completion Requirements

  •  Complete 3 years or more of full-time study for the doctoral program
  • Acquire 6 credits or more in major courses
  • Pass the examination and review of the doctoral dissertation conducted by GSGES

Students who have achieved remarkable research accomplishments may be eligible for a shortening of the period above in accordance with the provisions stipulated separately.

Required Credits for Completion:
6 courses worth a total of 6 credits (Advanced Exercise and Seminars in Global Environmental Studies Ia, Ib, IIa, IIb, IIIa, IIIb) are required.