Admission Policy

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Our policy

The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies seeks to secure the current and future health and sustainability of the global environment in two essential ways: first, by training future researchers and practitioners for future environmental careers in academia, management, policy, advocacy and project implementation; and second, by establishing sustainability as the basis of an integrated and interdisciplinary field informed by ethics, science, technology and the humanities that can address the environmental challenges confronting the 21st century.

Who are we looking for?

Our goal is to produce graduates who demonstrate excellence and distinctiveness that allows them to impact their chosen fields. We are seeking students who demonstrate high moral character and richness of spirit, including

  • Future researchers from all academic fields with a keen interest in global environmental problems and their solutions;
  • Future internationally-minded practitioners with a deep enthusiasm for environmental management and a sincere commitment to acquiring and implementing the knowledge and practical skills required to tackle environmental problems from the local to global level in every walk of life;
  • A diverse body of students from many different backgrounds and perspectives. Our students enter through a variety of admission tracks, including a mid-career admissions option for students with extensive work experience in environmental issues, some of whom may choose to study while continuing their professional careers, and an international admissions program for international students.

What are we looking for?

The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies offers master and doctoral programs in the field of environmental management, as well as a doctoral program in global environmental studies. The admission requirements for each of these programs relates to the objective of the study program provided.

Global environmental studies

Our three-year doctoral program in global environmental studies fosters researchers capable of grasping the full complexity and reach of global environmental issues and tackling global and local environmental issues using innovative outlooks and methodologies that are drawn from a wide variety of scholarly fields. Applicants to this program should hold a master’s degree in their chosen study field in addition to English language proficiency and a keen interest in global environmental issues, but exemptions may be made for those with demonstrated professional experience and expertise in a field related to their expected area of study.

Environmental management

Our two-year master’s program and three-year doctoral program in environmental management are designed to foster outstanding and internationally-minded practitioners capable of applying management skills in the search for practical and sustainable solutions to local and global environmental problems. Applicants to either of these programs will need basic academic knowledge of global environmental issues and English language proficiency in addition to a keen interest in environmental management.

Basic policy on admissions

The admissions process for the master’s program will be carried out by means of a comprehensive assessment of documents, foreign language ability, written examinations and an interview.

The admissions process for the doctoral program will be carried out by means of a comprehensive assessment of documents and foreign language ability as well as a research presentation and interview.