【Research News】Associate Professor Gregory Trencher’s research was covered on the Carbon Brief website.

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Associate Professor Gregory Trencher’s research group in the field of environmental education has focused on the decarbonization strategies of so-called “oil majors,” analyzing how they use offsets (carbon credits) to pursue climate neutrality, then extracting implications for our progress towards a net-zero society. The results of this research were published in July of this year in the Springer journal Climatic Change.

 This research prompted the international online media publication “Carbon Brief” to publish the results of its own analysis on the behavior trends of the top 50 largest companies that purchase the most offsets globally. This study used the findings and methodology of Associate Professor Trencher and his team as a reference. The article also introduces the research of Associate Professor Trencher and shares his views on the use of offsets for pursuing decarbonization. 

 Associate Professor Trencher plans to continue his research to further analyze the behavior of how major companies use offsets to identify issues in the offset market as we move toward decarbonization.

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