YAO Xiaolan, a master’s student won the Kyoto Environment Award – Special Award (Personal activity award)

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YAO Xiaolan, a master’s student in the lab of Global Environmental Architecture at GSGES, collaborated with LIU Dake, a doctoral student from the lab of Landscape Architecture at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, and Martin ZHANG from the Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, on the Resting Area Project for the Imamiya Shinko-sai Festival. This project received the Special Award of the Kyoto Environmental Award.

The Kyoto Environmental Award was established by Kyoto City, aims to recognize initiatives contributing to environmental conservation, to enhance public interest in solving environmental issues and encourage further practical activities.

The project aimed to utilize fire-damaged materials and reclaimed wood to create a new temporary resting area in the Murasakino Unrinincho area of Kyoto’s Kita Ward for the Shiko-sai festival of Imamiya Shrine in May 2023, which was suspended for three years due to the pandemic. Newly crafted benches and landscapes integrated local natural elements such as moss and bamboo. The project received invaluable support from Kyoto University and the Iwai woodworking factory.


Certification of Award


Photo at the ceremony (Maylor and Winners)


Practice Result during the Imamiya Shiko-sai Festival