Kyoto University alumni reunion held in Bangkok (February 23, 2024)

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Following the 7th Kyoto University-Mahidol University On-Site Laboratory Workshop at the Salaya Campus of Mahidol University on February 23, 2024, a Kyoto University alumni reunion was held at Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand, with registration at 18:00 and the banquet scheduled to begin at 18:30 on the same day. Including 8 Kyoto University faculty members who came from Japan for the workshop, there were 58 participants in total, including graduates of master’s and doctoral programs, short-term trainees, and current and prospective students.

Dr. Luksanaree Maneecot (Master’s/Doctoral program in Engineering, completed in September 2020) and Dr. Huynh Tan Loi (Doctoral program in Engineering, completed in September 2020) served as moderators. The event began with the taking of a group photograph, followed by opening remarks from Dr. Eiji Nawata, the Director of the Kyoto University ASEAN Center in Bangkok. The celebration commenced with a speech and toast by Prof. Chettiyappan Visvanathan from Mahidol University (visiting professor at the Research Center for Environmental Quality Management from December 2018 to March 2019).

Participants had 30 seconds to introduce themselves, and told individually, reminisce about the past, and build new friendships. For the four students who will be entering Kyoto University next fiscal year, the event provided an opportunity for them to meet faculty members, current students, and alumni prior to entering the program. The bond between Kyoto University faculty members and international students was vividly documented during the group photo session held in the students’ home laboratories.

As some faculty members were returning to Japan that day, the official closing remarks were made before 21:00 by Dr. Suwanna Kitpati Boontanon, Cross-Appointment Associate Professor (Doctoral program in Engineering, completed in September 2005), and her advisor, Dr. Shigeo Fujii, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University, who oversaw organizing this reunion. About 20 people remained to continue the discussion, and the reunion was lively until 23:00.

Group photo of all reunion attendees

A 30-second self-introduction session

Dr. Fujii (back row, third from left) and his advisees

Prof. Echigo (third from left) and his advisees

Agricultural faculty members (from right: Prof. Saizen Izuru, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies; Prof. Hirokazu Higuchi, Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA), Prof. Hiroshi Kamitakahara, GSA, and Dr. Nawata) and their advisees.

Closing remarks (from left to right: Dr. Suwanna; Dr. Fujii; Dr. Loi; Dr. Luksanaree; Prof. Visvanathan)